For Business Owners

Business Owners: We recover your overpaid taxes.  If we don't recover your overpaid taxes from the IRS then our services are FREE!

We help business owners qualify with our tax incentive CPA's, Engineers and other Experts for the following services:


  • 1. Cost Segregation (accelerate depreciation on new buildings and renovations); 
  • 2. Worker's Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) (Federal hiring credits for certain classification of new hires); 
  • 3. R&D Tax Credit (Federal & State) For ANY business that Makes, Modifies, Invents, Innovates, Creates or Makes Better any aspect of your business, uses some form of experimentation (unknown outcome) in the process, and procedures; and the applicable business behavior relates to a Science (Physical, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Software, etc...);
  • 4. Energy Credits for residential and commercial builders & contractors;
  • 5. Property Tax Mitigation for business property owners.


Thousands of Tax Incentives

There are thousands of federal, state and local business tax incentives: Ask us about  Research & Development Tax Credits, WOTC (new hire credits),  Cost Segregation,  Property Tax Mitigation Studies, Energy Credits...and much more.


R&D Tax Credit

The Research and Development Tax Credit is a federal and state incentive to business owners to reward them for improving their business.   The incentive provides cash refund or carry forward credits for  conducting certain R&D in the U.S.  These economic incentives were implemented in 1981 and made permanent in 2015 by the U.S. Congress (PATH Act).  These incentives are available to ALL businesses that qualify.  The IRS does not discriminate what type of business you have, only if your business behaviors qualify for the R&D tax incentive.  This Federal and State incentive is NOT just for businesses that have employees with lab coats.  In fact the IRS has been keeping track of R&D tax incentives by Industrial/SIC code internally since 1981 and on their website since 2001, and have tracked thousands of companies from many industrial sectors that have qualified: Manufacturing; Medical/Scientific Research; Construction; Software/Technology/Information; Agriculture; Mining, Transportation/Warehousing, and many other sectors.  Tax incentive CPA's know this and have specialized in helping business owners qualify for these credits.  Our experts use proprietary software to calculate your R&D tax credits.  Many personal and business CPA's may not be familiar with this, as it is not in their area of expertise.  They calculate your personal and business taxes, not federal and state tax incentives.  We work with many local tax CPA's to help their high net wealth clients recover their overpaid taxes with federal and state business tax incentives.

Our team has successfully helped companies in the following industries: 

  • Medical: device, laboratories, Surgeons, Dentists & Orthodontists; 
  • Manufacturers:  most manufacturers qualify
  • Construction: General Contractors, Marine, Architects, Engineers, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Underground Utilities, Irrigation, Remodelers, Restoration
  • Agriculture: Food Processing, plant/tree/animal farming,...
  • Chemical: Polymers, Adhesives, Agricultural, Lawn & Pest Control...
  • Software: Software programers, Website developers, technology developers, Artificial Intelligence, etc... 
  •  We focus on helping small & medium businesses.


Former IRS Commissioner Promotes R&D Credit for US Business

Former IRS Commissioner, Mark Everson, ended his interview on Fox Business - The Claman Countdown, April 6, 2020 by telling Liz about the Federal R&D Tax Credit and saying - It's really important for tax payers right now to go back and make sure to take advantage of every benefit their entitled to, and to not just rely on the relief plan.  Take advantage of existing federal programs  to help  business owners!  (Fast Forward to 4:23 of the 5:22 minute video to hear the R&D Credit section.)